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The Green Bay De Pere Antiquarian Society, Inc.

Founded in 1923, we are a “one of a kind” non-profit organization** that supports regional historical museums and sites by providing grant monies for preservation and restoration of cultural artifacts.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a new website and is still under construction.  We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to browse the available content and return frequently, as content updates will be made during the next few months.  Please Click Here to Contact Us with any questions or comments about The Green Bay & De Pere Antiquarian Society, this website, any of our artwork and artifacts, or the following upcoming events:

Our 57th Annual Holiday Antique Show & Sale – Click here for details!

The Howard Pyle Exhibit – Click here for details!

Please join us for these exciting events and Contact Us with questions.

 An Annual Antique Show and Sale fundraiser is held each November to support this endeavor, as well as supporter donations and other fundraisers, such as the Step Back! Vintage Fashion Show, Pictorial History, & Society History Event held in May of 2011 (DVD’s of this historical Fashion & History Show are available – order here).

 We also own over 260 local, regional and national treasures that are placed in local historical buildings and museums, such as antique furniture, textiles, paintings, lighting fixtures, china, silver and objects of art.

Explore Our Photo Galleries

Discover the restoration we do for our historic community. Learn about the treasures we own. View our 2009 Antique Show and Sale Gallery and The Antiquarian Heritage Collection.

The Society purchased this entire art collection from the Brown County Library for $1.2 million dollars through the 2007 Community Save Our Cultural Heritage Campaign. By doing so, we retained them for this community.

Spirit of the North West The Spirit of the Northwest

The statue of the three men to the left is called “The Spirit of the Northwest”.

This beautiful statue was placed on the lawn of the Brown County Court House in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. The sculptor, Sidney Bedore, depicts the earliest beginnings of settlement in the Fox River Valley. The figures are Father Claude Allouez, who established St. Francis Xavier Mission on the Rapides des Peres, 1671; Nicolas Perrot, builder and commander of Fort St. Francis, 1684, and first Governor of Northwest Territory and an Outagamie, or Fox, Indian who held in the 18th century the Fox River and the surrounding country against French domination.

Our logo “Under Three Flags” symbolizes the territorial governance of this area:

Antiquarian Logo

1701 French Flag – Fort named St. Francis

1761 British Flag – Fort renamed Fort Edward Augustus

1816 American Flag – Fort renamed Fort Howard

Howard Pyle Exhibit


2013 Antique Show


Art & Artifacts


Mailing Address

Green Bay & De Pere Antiquarian Society P.O. Box 875 Green Bay, Wisconsin 54305-0875

Our Mission

The aim and purpose of the Green Bay & De Pere Antiquarian Society is to hold, purchase, preserve and acquire antiquities and real estate to perpetuate the history of the locality surrounding Green Bay and the State of Wisconsin.


**The Society is a 501c3 Organization accepting gifts, bequests and donations that support our mission. Forms 990 and 1023 and the Society Bylaws are available upon written request of the Scribe or Thithesman.